Full Page Ad Creates a Stir

A full page ad uses what some could consider to be scare tactics in advance of Monday's council meeting.
Full Page Ad Create Stir
Full Page Ad Create Stir
Evansville, Ind. - In today's edition of the Courier and Press; a full page ad uses what some could consider to be scare tactics in advance of Monday's Council meeting. The advertisement doesn't specify who paid for it. But some people believe it to be the Apartment Association of Southern Indiana. The group which came out in opposition to the "Good Neighbor" ordinance last week. This has some supporters of the ordinance including many presidents of local neighborhood associations trying to disprove what they consider to be half-truths.

Tom Littlepage, of the Southeast Side Neighborhood Association says "it's going to be passionate on both sides. I really hope that all nine Council Members realize that we're the ones that have to live here and have to deal with crime. We need the tools to fix the problem. When there's a problem, we're willing to do the work but, we got to have those tools."

Littlepage adds the ad is misleading and false especially the portion which states; "there is no appeals process to stop an eviction from being filed against you". He points to the part of the ordinance called procedural review of nuisance determination or an eviction filing order.
The ordinance states, "the city shall not commence an action against an owner or property agent for violation of this chapter until a procedural review has been conducted by the safety board."
There will be public comment at Monday's council meeting.

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