Garden of the Gods Safety

Saline Co. Sheriff's Department Gives Safety Tips to Visitors to the Park

        Over the past two months, there have been 10 injuries at the Garden of the Gods, including one the past weekend. Officials from the Saline County Sheriff's department says these types of call take a lot longer to get to due to the layout of the park. Lieutenant Tracy Felty who says many injuries can be prevented if we include safety in those plans. He says if you fall, you could fall up to 150 Feet before reaching the ground and it's not easy to get to someone should they fall.

        Another issue is how long it takes authorities to arrive at The Garden of the Gods. Lieutenant Felty says it's a 35 minute response for EMS or law enforcement to arrive. Also, people to try repel off rocks, which is illegal to do inside the park. Overall, Lieutenant Felty says it;s not hard to stay safe. He says when you come, do not wear sandals or flip-flops, rather tennis shoes and appropriate clothing

        Park Visitor Don Miller knew how to stay safe while being comfortable. He says when he decided to go to the park, he wore tennis shoes and loose clothing. Lieutenant Felty says to stay safe, use some common sense, bring enough water, and let somebody know where you're heading and when you should arrive. He also advises to watch our for snakes because they like to sit the rocks to warm up from the heat that the rocks have absorbed during the day.
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