Gas Prices Rise, Drivers Find Alternatives

The hike has some jumping on a gas saving bandwagon.

Gas prices soar in the Tristate. In some spots in Evansville drivers are filling up for 3.99 a gallon. The hike has some jumping on a gas saving bandwagon.

It looks like gasoline. "It pumps the same," says Renee Folz. It comes from the same pump as gasoline. "Its a little cheaper," adds Folz. It's less expensive. "When the prices went up, I thought I would give it a try. This is the first time I've ever tried it." Renee Folz says she decided to give ethanol a try after gas prices decided to sky rocket.

Drivers say it's a losing battle, the pump verses the pocketbook. That's why some people like Folz say they're filling up the tank with ethanol instead of gasoline. Ethanol is a cheaper alternative, but some say the risks are not worth it. "I think people are still kind of weary of it." Nora Walsh says it may save some money, but she believes, ethanol could damage your car. "When we bought our car, they told us not to use ethanol on it because it was hard on the system. In our minds the short gain of a lower price in gas is not worth the long term cost of a car that doesn't work."

Walsh says it comes out even ethanol burns more gas mileage than regular. Walsh says she will be sticking with the regular stuff. For brand new driver, Bree Wright, she's still learning. "Ok, which one is which." Wright says she's still not sure which option does what. For her, she says it really doesn't matter. "We need gas to get around. Unless they can find something that can work. For right now, there is no substitute."

Wright knows gasoline will get her to where she needs to go whether it's ethanol or regular, but the cheaper alternative could be something she will use down the road. "I would have to read on that."




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