Gov. Pence Now Supports Posey County Fertilizer Plant

An "about face" for Indiana Governor Mike Pence concerning the proposed Posey County fertilizer plant. The Governor withdrew state support last year because of concern the fertilzer company had terrorist ties in Pakistan.
Governor Pence says The Midwest Fertilizer Company and The Fatima Group cooperated with the Department of Defense and was transparent with the investigation. Governor Pence is now comfortable giving the states support to the project and is even considering offering economic incentives.

For elected officials in Posey County the returned support from Governor Pence for the fertilizer plant comes as a pleasant surprise. "We're glad he's in support of it. We've been in support of it all along," said Posey County Commissioner Jim Alsop.

Initial plans were to build the plant in the state owned port in Mount Vernon, but when Governor Pence pulled state support for the project local officials made other plans to build the plant near the SABIC plant on Sauerkraut Lane. Now that the state is once again in support of the project building the plant at the port is once again possible. "Whether it goes to the port or whether is goes on the west side of town I don't believe it will have an bearing on our support for the project. We want the project in Posey County," said Commissioner Alsop. Changing the location of the plant this late in the process would likely delay the project for sometime.  Governor Pence was unavailable to comment on whether building the plant at the port is an option or not.

The fertilizer plant was lured to Posey County without the help of state economic incentive. Now that the state is on board economic incentives will be discussed again. However just how much is not yet known. "You can split hairs and say it's late to the game, but as long as we have it that's the important thing. This is going to help bring this company and bring it to fruition we are certainly embracing that," said Commissioner Alsop.

The plant is expected to bring a great boost to the economy in Southwestern Indiana. The materials produced in the plant will be beneficial to farmers in the area as well. "That will have a significant boost for our area farmers on obtaining fertilizers and products they use in farming operations," said IN State Senator Jim Tomes.

The plant is a 2.4 billion dollar investment, requiring 2,500 construction jobs, 150 permanent jobs, and an estimated 10 billion dollar effect in local economy. Construction for the plant is expected to start in late summer or early fall and will take three years to complete.
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