Have An Idea for Your Neighborhood Park, Submit Here

The public is weighing in on how to improve Evansville's Park System.
If you could add or change something in your neighborhood park what would it be? Evansville city officials are asking for input from the community on how to improve the public parks system.

Kids are soaking up the last bit of summer. Which gives parents a chance to be big kids for a few more weeks. Evansville's public parks are in full use.  "We'll spend hours here sometimes," said Jessica Reeves.

The city is putting together a 'master plan' for the future of Evansville's parks and is looking for public opinion. Jacob Majors says he takes his kids to Garvin Park on a daily basis. "I'd like to see a little splash park here for them. Something they could run through and have fun."

7 year old Jacie Tinsley says she would like a bigger play ground at Garvin Park. "Stuff that you can like climb on and go through tunnels and the sidewalks they have poop everywhere."

Bayard Park is just as busy. "It's a fun way for them to get out and get active and meet new kids from around the neighborhood." Jessica Reeves says her kids enjoy playing at Bayard Park, but she questions the cleanliness. "Older kids or whoever likes to come out and party likes to leave broken beer bottles and stuff. I worry about the kids getting their feet cut."

Reeves says some in the neighborhood volunteer their time to keep the park clean.  For her and her kids the equipment is fine as is, but she would like to keep the place in good shape. "I don't think that they would benefit as much from adding on. They love what they have as long as we can keep it clean."

The city plans to finish the 'master plan' and present it to City Council by mid-December for approval. Once approved and signed by Mayor Winnecke it will be presented to the Department of Natural Resources in January 2015 for approval. If approved by DNR the city will be eligible for state and federal grants to make improvements.

If you would like to submit your opinion, here is the link. http://www.evansvilleparksandrecplan.com/index.html
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