Heroin, Crystal Meth, Making Rise in Muhlenberg County

Authorities in Muhlenberg County say they're seeing an increase in the prevalence in certain drugs.
Nearly 20 people, arrested in a drug sweep across Muhlenberg County. Almost 50 more, still wanted on drug trafficking and possession charges. Police seized marijuana, meth, and heroin in the raids.

Like the wind, the drug problem in Muhlenberg county can change.

"It's moved from epidemic to pandemic," says Muhlenberg County Sheriff Curtis McGehee. He says he's seeing changes in what drugs are dealt and used.  McGehee says the number of cases involving heroin is steadily rising here, like it is statewide.

"In some outlying areas that heroin has been being seen for a while. But only recently in Muhlenberg County that we've been seeing some isolated incidents in regard to heroin," he says.

McGehee says it's still not the problem meth continues to be.  But authorities are seeing more crystal meth, made from outside the country, on the street.  A reason: changing laws.

"It's becoming more difficult to get some of the ingredients to manufacture methamphetamine, including a cold medication known as pseudoephedrine. People can only buy that in limited quantities," he says. "I think that is certainly contributing to what we are seeing in the increase in crystal meth."

But other drugs, like cocaine, are less common in drug cases.

"Even though it costs the same for a gram of cocaine versus a gram of methamphetamine, although the cost on the street might be the same, people can stay high longer on methamphetamine and they know that," McGehee says.

McGehee says round ups, like this week's, do help lower types of certain drug-related crimes, including assaults and vandalism.
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