Highest Independence Day Gas Prices Since 2008

Gas Prices this July 4th are the highest since 2008.

        Many people will be hitting the roads to be with friends and family this weekend, but you may find yourself digging a bit deeper to fill up. According to a report from the AAA, drivers will be paying the highest Independence Day gas price since 2008 and twenty cents more than the price compared to last year. The report states gas prices typically decline during the month of June because refineries have wrapped up maintenance and are able to increase production. However, recent attacks by insurgents in Iraq have caused the global prices of oil to increase, which has caused drivers, such as Nichole Groff, to be unhappy. Nicole says that she is from Indianapolis and if she wanted to go to Indianapolis, she has to pay 60 dollars to get there one way and then another 60 dollars to get home, which she says is not fair at all.

        The current national average price of a gallon of gas $3.68. Compare that to last year when gas was $3.48 a gallon.  In 2012, the average was $3.34 a gallon. The cheapest price in the past eight years was in 2009 when the average price was $2.62 a gallon. There have been reports that gas prices will be increasing tomorrow, just in time for the holiday weekend, but AAA Spokesman Mike Wright, says there is no way to determine if gas prices will be going up tomorrow.

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