Highland Little League President Throws Down Ice Bucket Gauntlet

Matt Pokorney didn't just do the Ice Bucket Challenge. He did an EXTREME Ice Bucket Challenge
The Ice Bucket Challenge.  By now you've probably heard of it. The phenomenon has swept the nation raising awareness for ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

But it's important to know how it began. It began in the world of sport, in one of the world's greatest sports towns, Boston. A former Boston College outfielder was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 27.  His name is Pete Frates. Now everyone from famous athletes to Justin Timberlake to everyday families at home have filled a five gallon bucket with ice water and poured it over their heads. Today a local little league president accepted the challenge.. 

Matt Pokorney of Highland Little League took the challenge to a whole new level. Six buckets of ice were poured from a second story deck.  One for each of the Tri-Staters he challenged to get really cold and really wet as well.  The rules state you either accept the challenge, or you pay $100 to an ALS charity.

The six nominees are...

1.) Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

2.) Vanderburgh County Sheriff candidate Kirk Byram

3.) Central High School Athletic Director Andy Owen

4.) Kenny Kent General Manager Chris Byrley

5.) Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly

6.) Eyewitness News Weekend Sports Anchor Ryan Braschler.

Time to put up or shut up.

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