Historic Drug Bust Points to Growing Crystal Meth Problem

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding says the 14 lbs. of crystal meth seized Saturday afternoon is the largest crystal meth bust in county history. Sheriff Wedding says the type of meth and the way it was imported suggests a new trend.
"It's the largest single bust we've had for crystal meth," said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding.
Gerardo Sanchez of Phoenix, Arizona, Leonal Beltran of Nogales, Mexico, and Eriberto Ortega also of Phoenix were arrested in connection to the 14 lb. crystal meth bust in Vanderburgh County Saturday afternoon.
"Several years ago we weren't having much crystal meth being imported into Vanderburgh County, but that's something that's kind of on the rise right now. Our narcotics officers are starting to combat that problem," said Sheriff Wedding.
Authorities say this bust is in connection to an Arizona based drug trafficking organization. Sheriff wedding says the importing of crystal meth from the nation's border is a growing problem in our area.
"We're seeing a switch from people manufacturing their own meth here locally to having it imported. Crystal meth seems to be more popular of the two presently. But it's coming in from outside the states right now," said Sheriff Wedding.
The investigation spanned the country in a joint operation involving several law enforcement agencies. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, Evansville Police, the Evansville-Vanderbugh County Drug Task Force, Indiana State Police, the DEA, and the FBI.

"Without everyone pulling their resources together our jobs would be very tough. I'm very pleased to say that we have a great interaction with both local, state and federal law enforcement here in Vanderburgh County," said Sheriff Wedding.
Sheriff Wedding points to this bust as proof that crystal meth is on the rise and the days of one pot meth labs are fading.
Authorities are still looking for a third vehicle they believe to be involved in the trafficking organization. Sheriff Wedding says a maroon 2010 Honda Accord four door with an Arizona license plate eluded authorities. If you see this vehicle call 9-1-1. Sheriff Wedding tells us he expects more arrests to be made in connection to this bust.
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