Illinois Man Accused of Stealing Several Cars

Webster County Deputies arrested a man investigators say stole several cars over the weekend.
An Illinois man is in jail after allegedly stealing several cars in Henderson County and leading authorities on a high speed chase. Matthew Tyler Meier, 24, faces charges ranging from receiving stolen property to fleeing. He was caught early Sunday morning in Webster County.

We drive to get from point A to point B. But Webster County Sheriff Frankie Springfield didn't see the point in Meier's alleged crime spree.

"That's more than ever than I've heard of at one time," he says. Investigators say Meier allegedly stole up to four cars from Henderson County Saturday evening, including two on Kentucky 416.

"He would steal one vehicle, go to another location, drop it off, get another one," Springfield claims.

Deputies spotted him at the Henderson County-Webster County line around midnight, leading to a high speed chase at a hundred miles an hour down Highway 41 near several major businesses.

"At that time of night, you have Century Aluminum, Big Rivers, Tyson out there, those plants, they're changing shifts, coming and going," Springfield says. "That's a bad time at night to be coming through there at that type of speed."

The pursuit ended just north of Sebree at a tire shop.

"He pulled in there, and jumped out of the vehicle, and attempted to get into another vehicle to try to get into it," he says.

But deputies caught him before he made it to another point in another stolen car. Springfield says Meier also faces charges in Illinois of failing to appear in court
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