Illinois Primary 2014: Local Election Results

There were three races where candidates faced primary opposition in southeastern Illinois, with one finishing extremely close.
Compared to the hotly contested republican gubernatorial race, it was a fairly uneventful primary election downstate in southeastern Illinois. There were only three races where candidates faced primary opposition. Here are the final results:

Wabash County Sheriff

Sheriff Joe Keeling lost his seat to republican challenger J. Derek Morgan. Morgan won 880 votes compared to Keeling's 592, winning 60-percent approval from voters. He will go against democrat D-Ray Etzkorn in November.

Edwards County Sheriff

In Edwards County, folks will not see a change of face in the sheriff's office, as Sheriff Darby Boewe swept the competition 89-percent to 11-percent. Challenger David Lester Pritchard won 89 votes, compared to Boewe's 707 votes. Boewe will be unopposed in the fall.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge (2nd Judicial Circuit)

There was an air tight race in Wayne County where there were five candidates vying for the vacant seat for circuit court judge. Tuesday night, the race came down to two candidates. Michael J. Molt beat-out Kevin Carroll Kakac 35-percent to 32-percent. Molt won by just 115 votes. He will run unopposed in November.

Electricity Opt Out Program

Also during Tuesday's primary election, folks in several Illinois communities voted whether to give their municipalities the green light to pool a group of electricity customers, including small retailers, into electric buying groups. If the referendum passed, municipalities would be able to seek bids for cheaper electric rates. Cisne, Norris City, and Albion passed the electricity opt-out aggregation program. It did not pass in Omaha.
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