Kids of Fallen or Disabled Military Members Camp, Cope Together

Many summer camps are coming to an end as kids get ready for school. But the last week of camp could be the most special for some at Camp Carson in Gibson County.
Summer camp is a place where kids can be kids. You may not be able to tell but these kids are dealing with some very adult problems.
80% of them have a parent that has either died or been disabled serving our country in the military. The remaining campers have parents currently overseas. It may seem like a game of capture the flag, but to them it's an opportunity to be understood by peers, when few can relate.
Alexis Randal's father is a marine. She says his plane was almost shot down, now he suffers from back problems and headaches.
"It's interesting to hear their story because everyone's story is different," said Randal.

Brianna Corbett's father is in the army. She's been to summer camps all her life and now she returns as a counselor instead of a camper.
"I wanted to be someone that they could relate to because I knew I always related to the counselors I had. Just having the personal experience that I know what they're going through it makes it easier to talk to them," said Corbett.

Many of these kids on a daily basis think about their parent that went overseas to fight for our country and never came back, or came back but not quite the same as before. Forcing some to grow up much sooner than expected.
"When mom and dad's not there one of the kids is stepping up to be the second adult in the home and that's a lot of pressure on a kid, but this week it's fun," said Camp Director Mark Scoular.
This week campers don't have to worry about stepping into a role much too big for them to fill. They don't have to worry about not being understood when the say their parent is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They can just be a kid and that's all that's asked of them.
Campers stay for free for the week thanks to Camp Corral.
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