Last Week's Heavy Rain Ravage Some Tristate Roads & Bridges

Tristate Roads & Bridges Closed awaiting repairs.

        You may have noticed some closed roads across the tristate after last weeks rain.  However, the road may not be closed due to being flooded, but because the road is more dangerous than you may realize. Some of those roads include Trapp and Baseline roads in northwestern Vanderburgh county.

        However, some bridges suffered more extensive damage, such as the bridge on Nurrenbern Road in southwestern Vanderburgh county. At the bridge, you can see where part of the road fell into the creek and where the side of a bank eroded away. Even more disturbing, a driver moved road closed signs in order to get across the undermined bridge.

        Fixing damaged bridges and roads will not be an easy task, as those repairs will be time consuming, especially since crews are still making repairs to roads that were damaged due to the harsh winter. County Engineer John Stoll says the winter caused significant deterioration of the roads due to pot holes and freeze thaws, so there is a pretty extensive list of road repairs needed prior to last weeks flood damaged roads.

        Another challenge facing Vanderburgh county is the money needed to repair all the roads. The road repair costs from this past winter took such a significant amount of money out of the repairs fund, that some repairs may have to wait until next year, when more funding might be available.

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