Lightning Hits Home, But Residents Thankful It Wasn't Worse

Lightning hits a Webster County home, which led to a fire late Wednesday night.
Lightning is believed to be the cause of a fire at a Webster County, Kentucky home.

Dispatchers say it happened about 11:40 PM, Wednesday, in Wheatcroft.  Two people were home at the time.  The lightning strike damaged parts of the house, but no one was injured.

They say lightning doesn't strike twice.  But it did at Arlene Felker's home.

"It looked like a great big light flashing," she recalls.

Her home was struck last night by lightning just before midnight on Young Street, leading to a fire damaging a part of her home.  She says it's the second time in less than a year its happened.

"It keeps striking down there all the time for some reason," says Felker. "I don't know if it's because of the dish network or two of them hooked up down there or what."

This time, Felker says the bolt hit a gas line.

"It could've been a whole lot worse and that isn't no lie," she says.

But it wasn't.  Felker and her daughter, Geraldean Woodring, credit a fast response by firefighters, and heavy rains for stopping the fire from spreading too fast.

"The rain helped out a bit. That rain was beating that fire down," Felker adds.

"If the firemen hadn't came out and gotten it under control, I have no doubt it would've exploded," says Woodring.

Felker says it may be a while before she can return home.  But she's glad mother nature didn't strike as hard as she could have.  
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