Local Subway Employees Compete In Sandwich Contest

Tristate Subway employees turn their sandwich making skills into a fast pace competition.

Tristate Subway employees turn their sandwich making skills into a fast pace competition.

A sandwich making contest takes place today in Evansville at the Diamond Avenue location.

Employees turned a simple turkey foot-long into a high stakes race.

They're making fast food, even faster.

Nearly fifty Subway employees from all around the tristate, put their sandwich making skills to the test in the Subway Subjammer Competition.

"I'm scared and nervous." Baylee Timmons says she has worked at Subway for a couple of months and signed up for today's event. "This is my first year," says Timmons.

Who can make it the neatest and the fastest, that's the goal, all while meeting the company's criteria. "We're only supposed to put six black olives and six pickles," says Timmons. This sandwich artist says she has a game plan. "To go fast, and not leave a big mess behind," says Timmons.

"Just try to go fast, and don't shake to much." Co-workers Megan Brooks and Felicia Davis, say that's what they plan to do when they take the counter. "You have to count everything. It has to be perfect."

There's more than a tasty sub at stake, the winner of today's competition will receive $400 dollars and the chance to compete in the regional and national competitions. "It's nerve racking, but it's really fun."

Subway employee Christine Rogers says the company has held the competition for more than ten years. "Its kind of a moral booster. They make sandwiches everyday, and they are proud of what they do. For them its a fun thing to just show everybody how fast they are," says Rogers.

The regional and national competitions will be held later this summer.

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