Love Is In The Air, Downtown Evansville Hosts New Event

Valentine's Day is in full swing in downtown Evansville with a brand new event hitting the River City.

Valentine's Day is in full swing in downtown Evansville, with a brand new event hitting the River City. It's the first ever 'In Love On Main' event, spreading the love on Main street.

The city took a proactive role in reaching out to the University of Evansville to try and make downtown come to life. The event gathers people from all walks of life, under one roof.

Love is in the air, especially, on Main street in downtown Evansville. "A lot of the people in the community wanted to see a new and vibrant experience for Evansville, so this is just the idea that came up to do a 'Pop Up' restaurant."

University of Evansville Junior, Madison Hendricks, coordinated the first ever 'In Love on Main' event. She says city leaders reached out to the university, wanting to find a way to bring more life to the downtown area, for people of all ages. "It appeals to so many generations and all types of people, so we thought it would be a great debut," says Hendricks.

Holding the event on Valentine's Day, Hendricks says, was the best way to kick off what they hope will be the first of many Pop-Up events around the city. A party, popping up, for citizens to enjoy. "I can't wait to see how the night continues to progress. We are hoping to see a lot more of a younger generation come in later," says Hendricks.

"A lot of people don't realize how many people do live downtown. We eat, drink, and try to shop downtown as much as possible. We will do that when more things like this come downtown." Alissa Fricke is a University of Evansville graduate and downtown resident. She wants to see more events like this hit Main street. "I love to support anything new going on downtown, and something like this is just great for anyone to attend," says Fricke.

From a meal with classical music, to an upbeat dance party, the event brings Evansville's leaders, students, and Valentines together. "Its just another great event that is local, featuring local musicians, local businesses, and chefs. It's just a great night," says event musician Casey Williams. He is glad to see the event keep it local. "Our city gets a bad rap sometimes, but an event like this, just proves that our city is progressive and we do like to have fun. If you're one of those complainers, you need to get out here tonight, because it's a good time," says Williams.

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