LST 325 Playing a Role in this Year's ShrinersFest

The LST 325 will be participating in this year's ShrinersFest.
The LST 325 will be participating in this year's ShrinersFest. Spokesperson Dale Thomas says the World War II warship has not been directly involved with festivities before.

This year, in honor of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, the LST 325 will be a part of a re-enactment. "American troops" will disembark from the ship and meet "German troops" on land. Thomas says it will be a unique experience for visitors.

"I think everyone is doing what they can to prove to the folks at the LST that we'd like them to stay in Evansville," said Thomas. "We at the shrine are all about the riverfront because we live here. And so, anything we can do to promote the riverfront, to keep people coming down to the riverfront, and the LST is a good pull for people coming down here."

The LST board of directors will decide if the ship will stay in Evansville in June. The Peoria mayor's office is submitting its proposal to city council on May 13. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke presented the city's proposal to the board last week.
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