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Madisonville Pawn Shop Investigation Continues

Police are still investigating five people accused of selling stolen goods at a Madisonville pawn shop.
Investigators are back at a Madisonville pawn shop, where five people were arrested during a raid. Police say they had large amounts of stolen items, and allegedly took them to Park Avenue Jewelry and Loans to sell. Detectives say they were able to recover most of the merchandise, but are still figuring out how big their plans were.

Nothing comes out of thin air, but when police raided Park Avenue Jewelry and Loans Wednesday, it seemed like they came out of nowhere.

"That kinda comes as a surprise to me," says Otis Bartley of Sacramento. He bought a rifle from them last year.

"I sure hope mine ain't stolen, because I got the serial number and everything," he says. "Really surprised. I didn't think they would do anything like that."

Madisonville Police say the five arrested allegedly sold shoplifted items from area businesses. Investigators spent Thursday determining how many of the thousands of items inside the shop came from those stores.

"What led us to believe the items were stolen was that most items were still in their packaging from the stores," says Lt. Chip White of the Madisonville Police Dept. "For most people, that would pique their interest, to wonder if they were stolen or not."

White says the two-week long investigation started after a shoplifting arrest a couple weeks ago. It led them to the shop, where the accused allegedly made up records out of thin air.

"We found some discrepancies in some paperwork as far as what they were taking in and what they were reporting what they were taking in," White says.

Now, investigators are combing the aisles, looking for those stolen goods and for why all this happened. As for the store, police say it could reopen as soon as Friday or next Monday.
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