Man Shot in Head in McLean County Expected to Recover

Jimmie Timmons was shot through a window in his home Friday night. Officials say he is in good condition and is expected to recover. McLean County Deputies will meet with Timmons Monday to try and identify the triggerman.
Neighbors of Jimmie Timmons woke up in snap late Friday night. "I was woke out of a dead sleep. I did not know it was any type of gunshot. I just thought something had fell in the house." The neighbor who does not want to be identified says after walking around her house and checking on her family she went back to sleep. "I'd say about twenty minutes later I was woken again to a woman screaming outside and she was hysterically screaming."

Minutes later McLean County Sheriff's Deputies arrived to find Jimmie Timmons shot in the head. "I'm following multiple leads on this as the information is being received." Deputy George Ballard says Timmons was shot through a window while sitting in his home. A closer look at the window shows broken glass and two holes in the screen.

Incredibly Deputy Ballard says Timmons is in good condition and is expected to recover. "He's very, very fortunate to be alive especially with the type injury he suffered and he understands that.  Talking with him yesterday he understands he's lucky to be alive. Now it's just a matter of we want to find out who did it."

Some neighbors suspected the shooting was done from the road on Highway 254. Others say that would be impossible because the house sits on a hill. Either way many who live in the area are shocked something like this happened at all. "It just doesn't happen around here. We're a very small community and stuff like that just doesn't happen."
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