McConnell, Lundergan Grimes Spar Over Women, College Debt

One of the most watched Senate races in the country continues to heat up.

One of the most watched Senate races in the country continues to heat up.

In a phone interview with Eyewitness News, democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has ‘given up’ on Kentucky women.

Her comments come after an audio recording of a question and answer session McConnell held near Louisville last week. In the recording, McConnell was asked what he could do for the women of Kentucky. McConnell answered by saying he believes most barriers for women have been lowered and that he doesn’t support preferential treatment.

 When asked how Kentucky students can leave colleges without thousands of dollars worth of student loans, McConnell said he doesn’t think the federal government should forgive debt and believes students and parents should consider the bottom line when choosing higher education.

In response, Lundergan Grimes said, ““They deserve to have a senator that is fighting for them and doesn’t chalk it up to being a parents problem or putting it on the backs of the students and giving Wall Street a pass.”

In response to Lundergan Grimes, the McConnell campaign released this statement:

"It is clear that Barack Obama's Kentucky candidate, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is willing to deceive Kentuckians and falsely attack Sen. McConnell's record in a desperate attempt to escape talking specifics on the failed Obama liberal policy platform which she has fully embraced."

To listen to the full question and answer session with McConnell, click the link below.

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