Meet Aces Superfan Stephanie Mendoza

You may know her as the girl who's always on the Jumbotron. Now meet Stephanie Mendoza. The Aces' most energetic fan.

The Evansville Men's Basketball team averages more than 4,900 fans at home games. But with an arena capable of holding north of 11,000 people, that makes for some empty seats. But there's one seat that's been consistently filled for the past four years.

The student section at the Ford Center is usually, noticeably vacant. Except for the so-called 'Jumbotron Girl', Stephanie Mendoza.

"It's fun to be in Wal-Mart and have people come up to me and be like, 'Hey you're the Jumbotron Girl!'. She beams. "I've had like 30 minute conversations with people about the basketball and the Lady Aces."

"Stephanie has meant a great deal to us," says freshman Blake Simmons. "She's at every game she gives us high fives she gives us hugs."

"I remember one time she was sitting up on somebody's shoulders," says Christian Benzon. "She was trying to make someone miss a free throw."

She and her two friends are at almost every game, even several on the road.

"It's fun to show my school pride. I'm from Texas," she says. "So I guess it's just in the blood of a Texan to really support your team."

Sunday's Women's game was Stephanie's last as the UE Theatre Department kicks off it's second semester spring show. But she's left a lasting legacy.

"She's meant a lot to me," says Simmons. "Even if this is my first year, she's made a great impact on me."

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