Muhlenberg County Cancer Survivor Welcomed Back to School

Tyler Foster, who was diagnosed with bone cancer last year, is back in school for the first time in more than a year.

A very special monday for students in Muhlenberg County. It's the first time in more than a year Tyler Foster returned to class. He was diagnosed with bone cancer. And his classmates at Muhlenberg South Middle School gave him quite the hero's welcome.

For fourteen months, there was someone missing on the buses to Muhlenberg South Middle School. Tyler Foster was going to the doctor's instead of to class.

"When they looked at it, it was, to see if there was a growth there, my doctor says my whole entire leg was messed up," Foster says. "The doctors said, 'That's not right. That's not supposed to happen."

Today was his first day back in fourteen months. His first day back since starting his battle with osteosarcoma fourteen months ago. Fourteen months worth of treatment, of worries.

"There were two or three different options, and one of them involved losing my leg, and I didn't want to lose it," he recalls. The fear lasted for the first couple of treatments. Then, after that, it kind of went away. Because, once we

found that the chemo was killing it away, that means I wasn't going to lose it."

Fourteen months of seeing his doctors instead of his teachers.

"I really did miss my friends," says Tyler. "And I also missed people not knowing me who I was. Once I was diagnosed, they called a bunch of people, and I don't like attention."

Fourteen months of prayers and well wishes.

"When we first got on Facebook and we seen the out poor of love and compassion, and support, I cried," says Susan Foster, Tyler's mom. "We both cried."

"It's been hard, but in the other sense, you can feel people praying for it," says Michael Foster, Tyler's dad.

"IT was wonderful. It was touching that they would care so much about one of their students that they would go above and beyond the call of duty," Susan added.

"I liked it. It was cool," says Tyler.

Now Tyler's back in school. Back with his friends. Back to the usual routine he's longed for more than a year.

"Glad to be back with my friends," he says.

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