National Congress of Old West Shootists Compete

NCOWS Compete to See Who Shoots the Best.

The National Congress of Old West Shootists, who go by NCOWS, are in Evansville this weekend, shooting off their shotguns and revolvers, and it was a great day of weather for that type of event. The group is having competitions among each other and practicing their aim, all while killing off fictitious bad guys.
When the NCOWS are in town, no bad guy stands a chance in surviving. Just as many people have a hobby of their own, grabbing a gun and taking aim is a hobby for the NCOWS. he group was formed in 1994 by various people who had an extensive background in many types of shooting sports, and that similarity brings comradery to the group.

The group has two purposes: To promote the sport of western action shooting and preserving the history of The Old West. They preserve that history by using guns that are from the time period of The Old West, or guns that are replicated to look like ones from that time.

It's not everyday you get to hold a piece of history in your hand, dating back from the mid to late 1800's, but when you fire the first shot, you felt like you've stepped back in time.

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