New Kentucky Laws Effective July 15

Most laws passed during the Kentucky General Assembly this year go into effect Tuesday.
Most laws passed during the Kentucky General Assembly this year go into effect Tuesday.
The Kentucky General Assembly's 2014 session adjourned on April 15. Here's a snap shot at few of the changes that will affect folks in the commonwealth..

  • A bill to ease prescription rules for nurse practitioners was the first to pass in Kentucky's 2014 legislative session.This will allow more experienced advanced-practice nurse practitioners to prescribe non-narcotic drugs without having an agreement with a physician. Sponsors of the bill say it will increase access - particularly in under-served areas- to safe, and quality healthcare.

  • A new bill will allow victims of domestic violence to temporarily carry concealed deadly weapons. The bill allows anyone who has been granted an emergency protective or domestic violence order to receive a provisional concealed carry permit in one business day.
    The petitioners will have to undergo the same background checks and application requirements as other applicants but, would have up to 45 days to complete the necessary training for a full concealed carry license.
  • Kentucky's Voyeurism law will be expanded to outlaw the practice of "up-skirting", in which a cell phone is used to take photos underneath a woman's skirt without her consent. Sponsors of the law say it needed to be expanded to keep up with technology.

  • Small farm wineries will now be allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. The new law gives authority to Kentucky fiscal courts to determine which stores can sell alcohol on this day. Sponsors of the bill say it will help to increase competition in the local winery marketplace  and  could potentially expand wine sales in the commonwealth.

  • And a special note to parents;  A new law requires parents or guardians to make a court appearance when a driver under 18 is cited for a traffic violation.

For more details on all of these new laws see the link.

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