New 'Your Weather Authority' App for iPhone and Android

We've put the power of five meteorologists in your hands with our new "Your Weather Authority' app.
Your weather authority team has been working very hard to design a new weather app that is very specific to the tri-state, while putting the power of 5 meteorologists in your hands. 
Go to your app store and search for WEHT WTVW. Know what's coming to your neighborhood first! It's Your Weather Authority whenever and wherever you need it.

River Watch

Being called the River City, the river stages are a vital part to many areas in the tri-state. Within the app, we have what is called River Watch. We update the River Watch daily to give you the current river stage; and whether it is forecasted to rise, fall, or remain steady.

Weather Alerts

Our app has a section dedicated to Weather Alerts. When you click on that section, you have the option to read the alerts from the National Weather Service, or you can head on over to the alerts map to see where the alerts are. When the NWS puts out a watch or warning, it sometimes doesn't include the entire county - that's where the alerts map comes in. We assign the affected area a color and the legend tells you what type of watch or warning is in effect for the affected area.

Tri-State Radar Authority

We know it's important for you to know if rain is working its way into or out of your city, and we have many radars that do just that. We have two radars showing the entire Tristate; one that loops and one that is a still image. There are also areas of the Tristate we have zoomed in to get closer to where you may live.

Interactive Radar

The app comes with an Interactive Radar right at the top of the screen. The Interactive Radar icon gives you the current temperature and cloud coverage. Just click it and choose what city you want to view. You can adjust the radar to also show cloud coverage, wind speeds, temperatures, and many other features.

You'll notice the Interactive Radar has a forecast at the bottom. It's a hand-made 7 Day Forecast by your Weather Authority, where we use multiple models to make a forecast specific to the Tristate.

Lightning Tracker

Severe weather is no stranger to the Tristate, and storms can really produce a lot of lightning. To see how bad a storm may be that is heading into your neighborhood, you can use the Lightning Tracker built into the app to see how much lightning is associated with a storm. The image is updated every 15 minutes, so you can refresh it often to see if the lightning is increasing or decreasing.

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