Newly Crowned Boxing Champ Atrributes Success to Faith & Family

JarDan Ealum is still considered an amateur in the world of boxing, but there is nothing amateurish about his attitude or relentless work ethic.
Standing at 6'2'' weighing in at 185 lbs. JarDan Ealum is a boxing champion. His hands are not deadly weapons, yet. He's still moving his way through the ranks and he took a big step in Indianapolis at the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament winning the Light Heavyweight Championship. "What I love about the sport is that it's a sweet science. It's like a chess match. You always have to pick your moves slow. You just can't rush in," said Ealum.

Passing him on the street most wouldn't expect much. He's dressed in Easter pastels, with glasses, and always has a smile. But his deception is part of his strategy. Boxing can be a brutish sport, but not always does the biggest and the strongest win. "Boxing is about making the other person doubt themselves in the ring." JarDan is able to win by exploiting a mental edge. It's only fitting that his mental edge is strengthen by his faith. Something that he puts first especially on this Easter Sunday. "Hopefully God will continue to bless me and push me to further heights in boxing to where my story can inspire and motivate others."
JarDan took a roundabout way to becoming a boxing champion. After one year at Ivy Tech he dedicated himself to the sport, training everyday. Leaning on his faith, family, and city as motivation. "If you put God first and you have your priorities straight and you stay consistent anything is possible. Nothing is impossible."
Somehow balancing a selfless attitude with supreme confidence JarDan reached one of his goals and he's not done reaching yet.

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