Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Continues

Records show Madisonville Police arrested Douglas Seaton, the victim in a weekend officer-involved shooting, twice in past three months.
We're learning more about the man who died during an officer involved shooting in Madisonville over the weekend. Two Madisonville Police officers shot and killed Douglas Seaton. They say he ran from them Saturday night. And now we learn this wasn't Seaton's first run-in with police.

Days before the officer involved shooting on Hall Street, there was another incident on Hall Street. June 19th, Madisonville Police charged Seaton with 4th degree assault and terroristic threatening. Police records show Seaton allegedly attacked a woman at a Hall Street home in a domestic dispute. Seaton allegedly was holding a shotgun at the end of a hallway, but later put it down when police arrived. The victim claimed Seaton told her in these words, "If you put me in jail, I will kill you". On April 15th, Seaton was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault. Records show seaton attacked another man with a metal baseball bat on the arm on Celeste Lane. The victim only had two bruises.

Prosecutors say one of the cases involving Seaton was expected to go before a grand jury next month.

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