OPD Releases 2013 Crime Statistics

Police say some crimes are down from last year, but others have been trending up recently.
Owensboro Police are going over the latest statistics in their annual crime report.
The department says a lot of the crime in the city has gone down compared to 2012. There were fewer assaults, burglaries and thefts. However the number of robberies did go up last year. OPD hasn't investigated a homicide since 2011.  But police are keeping a close eye on some crimes that have been going up in recent months.

Jerry Ellis spent the day taking out weeds. But recently, he says someone tried taking something from his car.

"I noticed a set of tracks going up all the way to my car, the passenger side," he says. "Then the tracks went straight across to my neighbor's truck."

Nothing was stolen, but Owensboro Police say they're taking car break-ins very seriously. It's been a growing problem in the city. 
A recent case led to the arrest of Gregory Puckett and a juvenile two weeks ago.

"Some of that is attributed to vehicles being left unlocked and valuables in plain sight. It makes an easy target," says Ofc. Michael Hathaway. "And others, it's been a forced entry into the vehicle."

Another disturbing trend OPD is tracking: the growing threat of heroin in the community. Officer Michael Hathaway says they're noticing an increase in use and in addiction.

"This past year, we've had a couple of instances of heroin overdoses that were reported to the hospital," he says.

Despite growing threats, investigators say the city's crime rate continues to be lower than the national average.

"We have a very proactive department, where we have crime statistics, compared to the nation, that's very low. We feel that it's a very safe community," Hathaway adds.
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