Otters' James Getting Another Shot at The Show

Lefty Chad James is getting another chance at the big leagues after having his contract purchased by the Rangers.
        Otters left hander Chad James is getting another chance at stardom. The former first round pick of the Florida Marlins in 2009 has had his contract purchased by the Texas Rangers.  James was selected in the draft ahead of current big league stars Shelby Miller and Mike Trout.  

        James has been solid in his last four starts for the Otters, posting a 4-2 season record with a 5.05 ERA. But he is coming off the first no-hitter in Evansville's 20 year franchise history. James struck out 14 batters in the seven inning game, the first of a double header that day.

        ""I'm ready. I'm more ready this time," says the 23 year old. "Yeah, I definitely have the nerves kicking and I'm just excited about where I'm gonna go and how I'm gonna fit in, but um, I'm more excited and more ready to get out there and pitch more than anything."

        "It's what the Frontier League is all about, giving these guys another shot," says manager Andy McCauley. "The Rangers organization is a great organization, number one. Number two, its a great organization for him. Their AA is in Frisco Texas, their AAA is in Oklahoma City, where he grew up."

        James will be designated to AA ball in Frisco, TX.  He never advanced past High A ball in the Florida State league in four years in the organization.
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