Owensboro Convention Center Ready to Host Events

Officials say they're ready for their first event and the upcoming grand opening weekend.
Officials say the new Owensboro Convention Center is ready for the public, just in time for the facility's first event this week.
Conventions and trade shows are heading back downtown more than four years after the demolition of the old Executive Inn.

"We are definitely ready," says Madison Strobel of the Owensboro Convention Center.

Ready for the masses, ready for the tractors.  Strobel says the new addition to downtown is ready for anything.

"We have big expectations for this facility and for booking large events here, multi-day events," he says.

Events big enough to fill the three exhibition halls and multiple meeting rooms and ballrooms.  Strobel says they want to bring in the events the old Executive Inn used to hold and more.

"I think the big difference between this facility and the old 
Executive Inn is that this facility is made specifically for large meetings, conventions, trade shows, where the executive inn had everything in one house," says Strobel. "They did have an ex hall type convention space, but it had columns in the center of it."

It looks big to many, but Strobel says it's really a small part of something bigger.

"This convention center is part of that puzzle piece, but it really is making Owensboro a destination place, a place where people can have their gatherings and meetings," he says.

And officials hope it's a place that's ready to pick up where the Executive Inn left off.

The grand opening weekend starts Friday night, but it really opens for business tomorrow. That's when the 40th annual Ag Expo becomes the first event to be held at the new center. 
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