Owensboro Resident Volunteering in Detroit

A Tristate Resident Travels to Help Flood Victims in Detroit
        While we continue to enjoy very nice weather here in the Tristate, that's not the case for people in Detroit. Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in the area and one tristate volunteer is packing his bags to go give assistance. Stanley Scott is packing up and flying out to do what he loves: Helping others. Scott says he has volunteered at the American Red Cross for at least 6 or 7 years.

        Scott says he is heading to Detroit to help with relief efforts because he's received help as well from the American Red Cross. He decided to volunteer after a tornado came through his neighborhood, causing a tree to fall onto part of his home. He says he remembers the the emergency response vehicle driving through his neighborhood and feeding his family as well as bringing cleaning supplies.

        As Scott prepares for his trip tomorrow, he began packing essential items, such as his ham radio and vest, which are items he's packed several times before. Scott has worked several areas hit hard by disaster, including Hurricane Irene in New York, Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, flooding in Paducah, tornadoes in Kentucky and Indiana, and flooding in Pensacola.

        It may be hard to see yourself as a volunteer, but Scott says people don't have to have a lot of training, rather have a willing heart to serve. Scott's family understands his desire to help, and laughs saying his wife actually likes him to leave because she likes to have a little time by herself. Scott says he keeps volunteering because the smiles and the hugs keep him going.

        The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers. Should you wish to become a volunteer, you can get all the details by visiting the American Red Cross website.
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