Pothole So Deep "You literally can't see the bottom"

The brutal winter cracked the pavement into craters. Now the rain is finishing off Mother Nature's demolition by washing away what's left of the road.
Sure, there are plenty of potholes around Warrick County and the Tri-State. But few match up to the one in front of Joe Conti's house. "It's hard to see really on camera, but you can't see the bottom of that hole. I don't know how deep it is, but you literally can't see the bottom of it."

Joe says the problem started last year. The highway department laid blacktop over the hole, but after a harsh winter the hole is back and worse than ever. "I don't think they anticipated having the water actually breaking through the cement and washing out the dirt underneath the road. I don't think anyone could've predicted that, but clearly it's happening."

Joe says someone visiting a neighbors house already sprained their ankle on this pothole and if something isn't done, he's afraid someone else could get hurt. Joe says his neighbors walk their dogs all the time on this road and since there's no sidewalk they're forced to walk on the side of the road. Which is exactly where the pothole is. "I wouldn't stand over the blacktop and I'm not standing on the blacktop right now. There's no telling how far when you look at how the street is cracked how deep it is how much is going to eventually break away."

Joe says he has called the highway department four times to get the problem fixed, but the hole just keeps getting worse. "They said there's holes like this all over the county so they're really busy, but this is a situation where there's somebody that has already gotten hurt and I think somebody could get hurt even worse."

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