President's Day, A Snow Make Up Day

President's day is reserved as a national Holiday but for some students in Indiana and Kentucky it was a snow make up day.
180 days - that's the requirement for Indiana schools. With so many snow days on the books, many districts spent President's day inside the classroom. Today was supposed to be a day off but, most tri-state students were in school today. Several school corporations have run out of snow days -- and are using the president's day holiday as an extra day. For students in Kentucky and Indiana, today was one of many make up days to come.

"This morning we've been reading about what president?", says Kindergarten Teacher, Susan Bratcher.  Her students scream, "Abraham Lincoln!".
All these kindergarteners are focused on their teacher, as she gives a lesson on the 16th U.S. President. 

"He kinda had a nickname", she adds. "Honest able!", one child screams. Bratcher applauds him and says, "Honest Abe! good job!". 

President's day is usually reserved as a day off but, all classrooms at Sutton Elementary in Owensboro were filled. It was a snow make up day but, the students didn't learn any less.

"We're learning about math like we always do", said Riley, a first grader.

And they learned more about the forefathers.

Hannah, a third grader says, "I only know a little bit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln so,  I want to know more about the other Presidents".

A seemingly normal day for these  five years olds - who are just learning about the school calendar but, for older students the shift and the possibility of extra school days is apparent.

"It's kinda hard whenever your schedule  is moved around. I know teachers don't like it cause they have to redo their whole schedule for snow days" said Katie Burk.

Burk and her class from  Newburgh Christian School had a scheduled trip to our studios today. Though a make up day for the school they preferred this alternative.

"Being here is much more exciteing definitely, it like a vacation from school", says Kelsie Gish.

With years of snow days under their belts these high schoolers are not surprised about another holiday in the classroom. As they expect the shifts in the schedules to be as difficult and as volatile as mother nature.

"We have to move our tests around, and homework gets changed. It's a little frustrating", added Burk.

Grace Beale says,"I was kind of disappointed but, it was okay in the end."

School administrators in Owensboro tell us today was meant to be a day of review for their students. That's so they could bring their students back up to speed after missing so many days.

Report by Fadia Patterson


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