Puppy Thrown From Moving Vehicle In Gibson County

A puppy is thrown from a car and left for dead near New Lake just outside of Oakland City.
A dog is thrown from a car and left for dead in Gibson County. Oakland City Police Chief Alec Hensley says it happened Saturday just outside of town near New Lake. We're told told campers were heading back into town when they saw a puppy thrown from a moving vehicle.

The campers took the pup to the Oakland City Police Department where it was turned over to animal services. Officers say the animal is alive, but its condition is unknown. It was described as "mangy" with a hot spot on the top of its head.

Monday the incident was hitting a nerve with folks around town. "I'm horrified. That's absolutely disgusting," said Andrew Chumley, of Wilson. "If they find out who these people are they should get a very long jail sentence."

"That's terrible. If they did that, they ought to be caught and punished for it in my opinion," said Norman Fischer, an Oakland City resident.

Witnesses were able to provide police with a detailed description of the vehicle. Officers are looking for a dark brown Impala or Malibu with dark tinted windows and a pink license plate frame. They're asking people to keep an eye out for a car matching that description.

Eyewitness News left a message with Gibson County Animal Services Monday afternoon requesting information on the dog. We'll bring you more details on the puppy's condition as soon as we hear back from them.
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