Reaction to IU Med School Campus' Downtown location

Businesses and residents in the downtown area react to the IU Medical Campus as their soon to be neighbor.
For Many businesses in the downtown are the news that the I.U. Medical School will be their neighbor is something they have been waiting to hear. Furthermore, many people say it will help businesses to thrive.

"We're gonna pop a bottle of champaign! ," says Rachel Goldman of Goldman Pawn Shop.

Celebrations are in order for the many in Evansville. Especially for businesses downtown that will soon be neighbors to the I.U. Medical School Campus.

"It really is exciting on all fronts," she added.

Just Rennie's Catering served guests as they waited at the Old National Bank Atrium for the decision to come down. Owner, Doug Rennie listened attentively to the trustee's meeting in hopes of hearing some good news.

"No matter where it goes it's great for the community," said Rennie.

Great for the already existing medical community some say. Others say they hope the students that come to school here decide to stay here after graduation. But, they all say even if the students move on they will support the downtown economy while they are here.

"Lots of times over the years small businesses have been impacted and some of them have closed something like this of this magnitude will help them thrive in this economy," he added.

The news is creating excitement and changing the outlook for how business will be done downtown. 

"It could be expanded days, expanded hours, expanded business and new hires," Rennie adds.

"Any increase in the population size for the neighborhood will increase my foot traffic," added Rachel Goldman.

Traffic that long time resident, Art Woodward would appreciate.

"Anything that brings more commerce and higher learning it would work for the better."

He says Evansville's downtown is an overlooked treasure.

"It's gonna put us on the map more," Woodward adds.

There is alot of change expected to come with the new campus being built downtown including some businesses that will have to move.

By Fadia Patterson, WEHT Reporter |  FACEBOOK | TWITTER
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