Red Cross Volunteer Returns to Evansville

An Evansville man returns after volunteering in a tornado ravaged city in Arkansas.

        Nearly a month after a tornado ravaged the city of Vilonia, Arkansas. Volunteers from the American Red Cross are still on the ground tonight. Some of those volunteers are from right here in the Tristate.

        Donald Day is no stranger to traveling to any town that needs assistance from a natural disaster. He recently arrived back from Arkansas and shared with  pictures he took of the devastation he came across. In the city, numerous homes were wiped off their foundation and 50 percent of the towns business district was destroyed.  After the tornado tore through the town, Donald was there in the middle of it all

        Anything in the path of the tornado didn't stand a chance against winds that were blowing at least 160 miles per hour. Donald says that all antennas from cell phone towers to anything above ground was knocked down and a portable cell phone tower with a generator was used to get phone service to the area.

        The tornado couldn't take down the support of the community and volunteers such as Donald, who decided to engage on his tenth trip after hearing of this disaster. He says he does it because sooner or later, we're going to need help from people coming to help pick up our pieces. While we don't have pieces to pick up here, he'll go out and help other people pick their pieces up. He even says that the presence of the American Red Cross is going to be in Vilonia for a long time after the disaster.

        Anyone wanting to a volunteer for the American Red Cross can apply by calling the local Red Cross chapter or by applying directly through the Red Cross website.

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