Renting a Car This Summer? Check Out These Tips Before Signing on Dotted Line

Tips for Saving Money When Renting a Car

1. Where should I rent? Check with local rental businesses as well as those directly within airports on your desired vehicle type. Depending on the type of vehicle preferred and the inventory the business has on hand, this can save you money. Remember to check out a free BBB Business Review as you consider rental companies.
2. Ask about the specifics. If you have a special request, such as a GPS, roof rack, or need to be able to fit a child’s car seat in the car, make sure to ask about these items front. Note if the exact car mentioned is what you will receive or if it will be “something similar”. If you can be flexible, it might help save some money. If you are hoping for drop-off or pick-up services, ask about these items and their costs too.
3. How are the rates calculated? Some companies will charge by the mile, while others will offer unlimited miles within certain dates. Certain days of the week or the number of days rented actually cost less than others, so keep this in mind when you inquire. Ask about promotions and remember that rates can vary city to city, so you may want to look into this when determining your travel plans.
4. Ask about the requirements. Most companies have age requirements on how old you must be to rent. They may also have requirements on the type of insurance coverage you must carry. If you do not have the coverage required, they may offer insurance through their company, but you should keep these charges in mind when comparing your cost.
5. Before you finalize your rental… Check on the exact due date and time for pick up and return. You may find that the cost of keeping the car an extra day is less than the risk of being an hour late. Always check the car over for damages or issues before you leave the business and review your contract carefully, before you sign.

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