Rising Star in Track and Field

Fourteen year old Jaci Bickett has already won a national title in her age group. Now she has her sights set on bigger goals.

A Henderson County freshman is a rising star in the track and field world.  Fourteen year old Jaci Bickett is still refining her craft. But she's already garnered a lot of success in pole vaulting.
"At first I really didn't know what it was," says Bickett.  "And then Kevin told me to come try it. And I was like ok, I didn't know if I was gonna get hurt. But it's really fun and I really really like it. I'm gonna do it for a long time."
"If she keeps training," hopes her coach Kevin Ferguson. "And she keeps improving the way she has she's gonna be top three in the nation for a long time in come."
A national title in Houston and a runner up in Des Moines have highlighted Bickett's summer thus far. Oh yeah, before I forget, she won a Kentucky State Championship as an eighth grader with a jump of 10' 6".
"One of the best things is learning," says Bickett. "I want to be so good that I can go to the 2020 real Olympics."
Should Jaci keep that determination, you can expect the rising star to be flying high for a long time.

If you'd like to see Jaci jump you can get your chance this weekend when the Jammin and Jumpin Street Vault comes to the Henderson riverfront. All skill levels from beginners to Olympians will be jumping on Water Street. You can find more information by clicking on this link.
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