Saturdays for Guns, Sundays for God

Preacher Baret Fawbush will lead worship at Old Union Christian Church on Sunday and active shooter training for law enforcement on Saturday.
Behind Old Union Christian Church, just outside of Poseyville, the members of law enforcement in the active shooter training have been put through the wringer.

"Nothing this intense," said ISP Trooper Lucas Zeien.

Literally the final exercise was called "the wringer." And for some it's like nothing they have experienced before.

"Stress, stress, what do you do under stress? How do you react to it? We've done some with state police, but this just takes it to the next level," said Trooper Zeien.

Who is the man behind the madness? You might picture him as Rambo or some hardened war veteran. Well he's not a man of war at all, more so a man of God.

"The Bible speaks very, very clearly that the idea of self-defense is preservation of life. Which is a huge Jewish motif. It's something Jesus stressed a lot which is the preservation of life. Preservation of life even above the Torah of Commandments," said Old Union Christian Church Preacher Baret Fawbush.

How he speaks to law enforcement members on Saturday in much different than how he addresses a congregation on Sunday.

"I have to talk to them like they're stupid because if I don't and I don't come across with that Type-A personality I don't think that a lot of these Type-A personalities would learn."

On Sunday he preaches love and grace at the pulpit, but on Saturday you won't hear any songs of worship. You'll hear bullets blasting steel targets and orders being barked.

"It helps with the confidence level and it helps with the stress the mind undergoes," said Preacher Fawbush.

Handling stress is at the crux of this preacher's message. And like many sermons do, this cure circles around to a fundamental action, to breathe.

"Officer's hands begin to shake. Their knees begin to shake. They actually have to use the cover to get a steady shot and that can all be combated if they just simply breathe," said Preacher Fawbush.

The firing range is only yards away from the church. By Sunday morning the echoing of assault rifles will have silenced and the smell of gun powder will have faded. But Preacher Baret Fawbush will remain with his Bible in hand.
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