Several Bullets Pierce Evansville Home, Owner Questions Why

Barbara Murry was asleep in the front end of her house on Culver Drive when at least six bullets went through the back wall in her kitchen. She says lucky to have been asleep , because if she was anywhere else in her house she could've been shot.
Barbara Murry shuffles through her kitchen pointing out bullet holes while still trying to figure out why her house was targeted in the first place. "Right in here (is) where the bullet came through the cabinet and (another) bullet hole here through the wall," said Murry.
Shots pierced through her home around four o'clock Saturday morning. Several bullets penetrated the back wall of the house, two of them even went through her refrigerator. "I'm glad I didn't come in and get a drink of water and look in the refrigerator. Probably would've got my head blown off," said Murry.
Shots kept hitting the house. One hit the lock on the back door and another went through a window. "This is where the landlord put a board up there from where the window was busted out, shot out." Murry's apartment is on the bottom floor, but upstairs is another family with small children. "I'm mad. I'm mad and I'm upset that someone did this. They don't have a right to come shoot up my house. I didn't do anything to anybody," said Murry.
Murry has lived in her apartment for four years. She said the gun violence started getting bad about three years ago. She says it's getting worse and it might be time to pack up and move. "I'm thinking about going somewhere else. It's getting too bad over here," said Murry.
Sometimes when a house is shot the homeowner doesn't want to share their experience in fear of retaliation. Murry says she wants people to see what's happening on Evansville's southside in hopes that it will eventually stop.
No arrest has been made in this shooting. If you have a tip you can call the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

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