Sex Offender Impersonates Officer Seeking Sex Offender

Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputies say 44-year-old Michael Foster was impersonating a police officer seeking out a non-existent sex offender at Angel Mounds. Foster's history with police makes this story especially strange.
Around 7:30 Monday night Vanderburgh County Deputies say Michael Foster was walking along the levee at Angel Mounds wearing a t-shirt and a hat that said 'Police.' Deputies say he claimed to be apart of a special task force and everyone needed to leave the area because police were about to raid the woods for a sex offender.
In reality Foster is a registered sex offender. Pleading guilty to molesting a child in 1997. His charges also include burglary, theft, and failure to register.
A strange twist that doesn't surprise Mike Roberts. He runs the boat ramp at Angel Mounds and has for eight years. He says the area attracts some peculiar characters. "The story didn't really surprise me and it shouldn't surprise anybody in this day in age. Because even in the middle of town you're going to see some strange things happen possibly." Roberts says Angel Mounds and the boat ramp used to be a hotbed for shady characters and illegal activity. "It's isolated. It's out in the country away form other people. Sometimes they have a feeling that they can do whatever they want to do. That maybe they couldn't do when there's a lot of people around."
Roberts says clearing overgrown vegetation and adding lights added visibility and helped clean up crime. "Anytime you get into an out of the way place like this boat ramp or a lot of different places inside of Evansville, especially at night more than in the daytime, you will see different kinds of people."
Deputies say when questioning Foster he offered no explanation for his actions. Deputies say the gun Foster was carrying turned out to be BB gun. Among other charges Foster is being held for impersonating a police officer and resisting arrest
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