Signs of Executive Inn at New Convention Center

People can still see signs of the old Executive Inn at the new Owensboro Convention Center
The grand opening weekend at the Owensboro Convention Center is wrapping up. But inside, you can see signs of the old Executive Inn demolished to make way for the convention center and hotel.

Buildings fall, buildings rise.  But what doesn't turn to rubble are the memories.

"There was a great sense of family at the Executive Inn and loyalty," says Laura Alexander. "A lot of the people that worked there were there for at least 20 years."

The memories still live on for Alexander, who worked at the inn for seven years.

"My husband proposed to me there," she recalls. "We had our wedding reception there."

But if you look closely at the new convention center, you'll see signs of the old Executive Inn. Among them, a piece of the old Showroom Lounge stage, hanging at the new cafe.

"Charlie Daniels was pretty interesting," says Alexander. "Of course, he always had a packed crowd. So, it was always interetsing to see him and how he performs."

A cafe that itself is a tribute.

"It looks like the old, big E that used to stand on the Executive Inn," she says. "It's got the old, red neon, just like the executive inn did."

"It's just an opportunity for people to remember the old Executive Inn, that has a lot of good memories for this community and this region," says Dean Dennis of the Owensboro Convention Center.

As the new convention center starts a new batch of memories. Many will keep telling theirs through another rise and fall.

"A lot of times, they start telling their stories of the Executive Inn and a lot of the people have great memories of the Executive Inn," says Laura. "We hope to continue those."

Center officials say they'll start putting up more pictures of the Executive Inn in the near future.
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