Sliver of Spring Gives Road Crews a Chance to Repair

Many used today to shrug off cabin fever and get fresh air. Others took advantage of the weather to do some much needed maintenance.
Sub-zero temperatures, snow falling by the inches, and ice glazing the streets. This winter has been a brutal one, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The sun hanging high in the sky melting the wintry mess below revealing concrete craters causing drivers to move slow. "Right now there's some issues with these potholes that you can't really fix with hot mix or with UPM (cold mix). It needs to be repaved." Nick Wildeman is the Paving Foreman with the Vanderburgh County Highway Department. "I'm looking forward to spring," he says.
Come spring he can start repaving busted concrete around the county, but for now spot repairs will have to do. "Freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing and that repetition has really caused a lot of havoc on the county roadways," said Wildeman.
A welcomed break from winter weather gave Wildeman and his crew an opportunity to patch up as much as they could while the weather was good. "Whenever there's ice or sand or salt any of those materials in the potholes, if you fill the potholes with that material in there you're not going to have a very high success rate." The highway department finds potholes like anyone else does. Keep driving until a thud rattles the steering wheel. When one is spotted it takes less than a minute to fill. One man directs traffic while two men spread the fresh asphalt and pound it home for good measure

Wildeman and his crew drive all over the county looking for potholes, but they say they can't be everywhere at once, and they can't do it alone. "Honestly we don't like driving in the potholes anymore than they do. The more assistance we get from them the better chance we have of canvasing the county and getting all of these filled." 

Here are some other contact numbers to report potholes in your area.

Vanderburgh County Highway Garage  435-5777

Warrick County Highway Dept. 897-6126

INDOT 1-800-279-5758

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet 1-800-PATCH-IT

City of Owensboro 687-4444

Illinois Department of Transportation 1-800-452-4368

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