Some Boonville Residents Say Emmons Jail Term Not Long Enough

Many residents say the sentence for Andrew Emmons wasn't tough enough.
Eighteen weekends in jail isn't enough.  That's what some in Boonville are saying about the sentence for Andrew Emmons.  He must spend a weekend a month in jail for the next year and a half.  Emmons was also sentenced to seven years probation, and must register as a sex offender for ten years.

In the halls of Warrick County justice, a punishment some Boonville residents call an injustice.

"Light sentence," says Randy Freeman of Boonville.

Emmons admitted to placing a camera in the girls locker room at Boonville Middle School.

"It's still not really that much," says Kevin Simpson of Boonville.  His son played basketball for Emmons while in school.  Simpson says Emmons should've gotten a tougher sentence, especially with kids among the victims.

"You're talking about our kids and our school system here, and things he was doing directly affected that," he says.

Defense attorney Anthony Long thought the sentence was fair, saying it's been as tough on his client as it has been on everyone else.

"I think if you really look at the impact as his life, that this has had, that he has suffered, truly has suffered," he says.

Some argue 18 weekends isn't long enough, but they aren't sure how long is long enough for everyone to believe justice was served.

"It's hard for me to say on how much jail time he should serve. But he should serve enough to satisfy the people who it happened to," Freeman adds.
We reached out to Warrick County Prosecutor Joanne Krantz for her reaction, but our calls weren't returned.

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