Some Students Tired of Snow Days

Some EVSC students stay active at the downtown YMCA on their day off. Surprisingly some students said they would rather be at school, instead of making the days up later in the year.
It may be cold and icy outside, but inside the YMCA, kids are splashing around like they're in the tropics. Kids in the EVSC are out again today, and many are trying to stay active. "We get quite a few kids. I think the kids sleep in a little bit and so we're pretty busy in the afternoons, not so much in the mornings," said Executive Director of the YMCA Crystal Paroyan.

For some kids a snow day is like an unexpected holiday. A day to do whatever they want. For some it's exercising, "swimming."  Molly Gostafson gets dropped off at the YMCA as part of a snow day program. She says she likes the snow days, but doesn't think she should have to make it up later in the year. "It's our summer we should just like have fun."

Kenchettay Barnett is spending his day off playing basketball. He told us something you may not usually hear from an 8th grader. "I really wanted to go to school because I don't want to make this up in the summer." Some think all the snow days are putting kids in a slump. "I think everybody is just kind of tired of the snow days and the snow. So i think they would like to be in school," said Paroyan. "If it keeps getting worse we're going to end up not having any summer," said Barnett.

"I mean I don't really like it. I mean obviously it gets kind of old having to make up snow days all the time," said Ryan Clark as he shoots basketball. "My favorite part about a snow day is sleeping in. It gets old having to wake up at 6 am and having to drive to school," he added. Clark is torn about snow days because he likes having the day off, but the weather is much better in the summer. "I guess I'd rather have the day off at the end of the year, because it's nicer outside, and there will be more to do, but it is fun, so I still take what I can get out of these days," said Clark.
The EVSC is out of make up days. It has not yet decided when this snow day will be made up. A representative for the EVSC says they may wait until the winter is over to decide on the rest of the year.

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