Steele Stadium Street Parking Issues Surface

Owensboro residents living near the stadium are worried over safety risks.
The home of Kentucky Wesleyan's Panthers is drawing some criticism from neighbors. Many feel there's not enough parking near Steele Stadium on game day in Owensboro. Now, they're looking for a permanent solution.

Today, Steele Stadium is quiet. So is College Drive. But on game day, the stadium's packed.

"This is one of the nicest stadiums in Owensboro, in this region," says Larry Leach.

So is College Drive.

"It's chaotic without organized parking."

Leach has lived in this neighborhood for more than 50 years.  He says these streets can be unsafe for pedestrians. More cars means more risk of someone getting hit.

"If you have parking on both sides of the street, people have to walk on the center of the street and dodge traffic, which is dangerous," he says. "It looks like Woodstock. It's dangerous to pedestrians, it's very dangerous."

Wesleyan-Shawnee Neighborhood Alliance members recently met with city parking commission officials to address the ongoing problem.  One idea: replacing fold down signs with permanent ones.

"The permanent signs they want to put up are just for weekend nights," Leach says. "We need 24/7 protection because this stadium is used throughout the week, and especially on weekends throughout the day."

Leach says the problem must be fixed so the neighborhood can at least get some peace and quiet.

"It makes Owensboro looks good. It makes Steele Stadium look good when we have organized parking," he says. "When we do not have organized parking, it's dangerous to the public."

The neighborhood alliance will meet next Tuesday, 6:00 PM, at the Winchester Center to discuss parking solutions. One parking commission member says they'll wait until after that meeting to see what can be done to fix it.

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