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String of Car Break-ins in Newburgh Neighborhood

One resident in a Newburgh neighborhood says their area is a "not lock your door kind of neighborhood." That feeling has changed since her car was broken into Tuesday night.

Coins are still lying on the ground outside of a home in Newburgh. Left over after a thief ripped out a change drawer from a car parked on the road. This street wasn't the only one in the area reporting multiple car break-ins.

"It's obvious somebody worked the neighborhood. Is what happened. They probably hit that entire area over there," said Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse.

Sheriff Brett Kruse says it probably took the thief or thieves about an area to walk the entire neighborhood, checking to see which cars were left unlocked, and grabbing what they could.

"A lot of these are crimes of opportunity. Where a door is unlocked they get in they check and see what they can walk off with. If that's three dollars in change or ten dollars out of your glove box," said Sheriff Kruse.

One woman who did not want to be identified was a victim in the string of thefts. She saw the inside of her car was trashed early this morning

"I opened the door and the glove box was open and all of this was all over my front seat the console is emptied out on the front seat, the floormat is even lifted up."

She says only a few dollars in change was taken from her car, but the thief could've made off with much much more.

"My wedding rings got spared. They were in the car."

Her rings were in a change drawer on the driver's side. A spot that was just hidden enough to protect her real valuables.

"It makes you feel icky when you get in your car knowing someone else was in there without you letting them in there."

She says her neighborhood is safe and she trusts leaving her car unlocked most nights.

"This is a not lock your door kind of neighborhood usually."

But now her peace of mind has been disturbed and she intends on locking her doors from now on.

"Our sense of security is kind of flawed now."

The Warrick County Sheriff's Office recommends people lock their car doors, park under lights, and take any valuables you can inside when leaving your car out overnight.
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