Surviving Members of Watson Family Go Home

Kylie and Chad Watson go home to Muhlenberg County for the first time since a fire destroyed their home and claimed the lives of nine family members.
A house fire devastates a community. Nine members of the Watson family didn't make it out of the blaze. Saturday the two that did make it out finally returned home to Muhlenberg County. "It is a very cold day, but there are a lot of warm hearts here today and we're just bubbling with joy," said Vicki Yonts.

Friends and complete strangers lined up in the Muhlenberg County High School parking lot to bring the Watson family a warm welcome home. "Kylie has a long road ahead of her. This is just the beginning of her healing emotionally. This is just one way of us letting her know that she's not alone hat the commnity is behind her," said Jeanetta House. Even after losing nearly her entire immediate family Kylie could stll crack a smile and wave to the crowd. "They were smiling very big. I know this meant a lot to them," said Yonts.
"I think the family wanted her to feel that kind of love and support. Just to be able to throw something together quickly and do what we could even though it's in such a small way. Hopefully she was able to experience some of that outpouring of love," said Gail Johnson.
The convoy continued to Calvary Baptist Church. The Watson family's church that has been a rock for the community to lean on. "Food, prayer, lots of laughs, lots of hugs," said Pastor Timothy Burden. As the family walks into their church, a place where they can find some comfort, balloons are let go in the cold atmosphere, reaching for the rest of the Watson family. "We're just celebrating Chad and Kylie coming home and fellowshipping with us once more. We're just overwhelmed with joy," said Pastor Burden
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