Tanker Spill Creates Massive Traffic Jam in Henderson

Early Wednesday morning a tanker overturned and spilled tree sap all over Highway 41 in Henderson. It took emergency crews nearly 12 hours to clean up the mess. Meanwhile traffic backed up for miles.
Traffic inches along the Pennyrile Parkway. A highway traveled by thousands of everyday taking people into Henderson County and north to Evansville.
"Just came to a stand still. Moved us to one lane finally. It has been about half an hour this last mile," said Carol Anderson. The semi truck overturned at about 3:15 this morning. It was carrying liquid tree sap.  When the sap spilled on the cold pavement it thickened and became sticky. Emergency management crews pressure washed about 200 yards of road. Which took about 12 hours to clean. Meanwhile drivers were growing impatient.
"People were getting hung up in the median because Kentucky people knew where to get through. So they were crossing over the medians getting hung up." Carol Anderson is driving from Florida. Not being a local she had no choice but to sit in traffic. "No direction from any officers. I can't believe there's not police out telling you where to go. I just followed the semis. I thought they know more than I do," said Anderson.
"I sat up here at the stoplight. It went through I know five or six changes of the light and the line never moved." Chris Snodgrass lives in Henderson and he even had trouble finding his way around. He can still offer some sympathy to the out-of-towners just passing through. "Ahh they'd be screwed. They would be lost. I feel sorry for them because they are going to be stuck in that traffic for god knows how long."

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