Teaming Up on the Links Through Twitter

A golfer at this week's ULC Tournament found a caddie through Twitter.

Golfers need more than just good putting skills to win at Victoria National, they need a good caddie.

"It can be a battle out sometimes there trying to find a bag."

Before D.J. Brigman battled the field…

"This is probably the most difficult course we play all year," he says. His caddie, Kyle Asay, battled his own competition.

"You got guys that travel around with the tour, and their faces are seen more often than what mine is," Asay says.

He wanted to caddy at the ULC looking to find a golfer without one, but didn't want the crowds.

"The reason for it is to basically skip all the fights out in the parking lot for a bag, you know, kind of bypass all that stuff," he says.

To get his face, and name out, he asked nearly every golfer through Twitter.

"I got a lot of responses from guys saying, 'Thank you. I appreciate the gesture, but they're all set,’" says Asay.

But Brigman wasn't set, and let Kyle caddie.

"I was out on the course on number 11, and I got the tweet from D.J., and go ahead and gave him a call," Kyle recalls.

"I just had a good feeling about him,” Brigman says. “It was more a gut instinct. I've had guys ask me in the past that wanted to caddy, and I've just ignored their tweets because it just didn't feel right. And I just felt like this guy, obviously, he wanted to work pretty hard because he was tweeting other guys as well, looking for a job."

Asay says even if they don't win the battle on the course, the experience is worth it.

"It's great,” Kyle says. “D.J. couldn't be a better guy to caddy for. The experience is great, and I'm learning about my game as we go along."

Brigman was two under par for today, and one under for the tournament. Asay says he plans to do more caddying at other courses in the south, although he didn't say if he would use twitter again like here at Victoria.

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